Yesterday I got an email from a friend in the state lege informing me that if I was only going to make one more trip to Jeff this session, today would be the day to do it, because the budget is being debated, and from all over the state, interest groups are showing up to raise their voices to protest proposed cuts to services for special needs individuals.  

We got here in time to see the demonstration in the rotunda (sorry – no pics – batteries was the one thing I left home without this morning) get started, then we made our way to the House gallery, where I was promptly called on the carpet for taking out my laptop.  Fortunately, Hotflash is a natural-born diplomat and she smoothed the ruffled feathers of the elderly gentleman who chastised me.

I’m glad he didn’t boot me on spec…I got to see my friend Jason Kander’s amendment to restore some S-CHIP coverage to cover children with cancer pass the house.  (Good on ya, Jason!  Keep up the good work!)

Anyway, we are here and we are doing our so-called jobs, and we will have more later