On a state university campus, no less.

The Alumni Memorial Chapel (non-denominational) is in the background.

I received a copy of the following e-mail sent to an administrator:

…I believe you have some supervisory authority over…[b]uilding, however I am not sure whether your authority would extend to the adjacent grounds. Nevertheless, I have spotted what appears to be recent landscaping on the south side….  Sod has been planted in a patch of mulch that is surrounded by sidewalk.

The sod appears to be in the form of a Pentecostal cross. Perhaps this is an attempt at a formal garden effect, but the timing of this landscaping being shortly before Easter seems curious. Further, the scale of the sod used will require the use of a pushmower to care for this, instead of the wide track mowers that are used on the campus lawns.  So it appears that someone is willing to use some additional equipment for its maintenance, or it is only a temporary, seasonal display.

Perhaps the planting is innocuous, but the effect is disturbing to have at a public university that promotes diversity.  Hopefully this is something for which you can get some satisfactory answers…

The view from the third floor of an adjacent building.

As I’ve shown the photographs to various individuals the reactions I get range from “Too funny” to “I think it’s a sign!” to “It doesn’t even follow the aesthetic of the rest of the campus.”