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I’m not sure if that’s an existential question.

This morning’s Twitter posts from Senator Claire McCaskill:

KMBC, ABC in KC in 10 minutes.Phone only. Start the day meeting with business leaders. End the day meeting with business leaders & L Summers about 2 hours ago from web

Business leaders. Hmmm. How about including a few republican governors who wouldn’t refuse aid to their state? I hear there are plenty of those. I bet you if you asked republicans in the Missouri General Assembly a majority would be in favor of that aid, too.

Need to listen to job creators & their take on govt stimulus & financial market involvement.We need Govt stimulus AND private sector buy in. about 2 hours ago from web

Job creators. Job creators. I read somewhere that small businesses create a lot of jobs.

Oh, yes! Here it is [pdf].:

…Employment. Small firms employed 50.9 percent of the nation’s non-farm private labor force in 2004.4 These 5.9 million firms accounted for 99.7 percent of the nation’s employer businesses, and they employed 58.6 million people (Table 1). Small businesses added a total of 1.9 million net new jobs between 2003 and 2004 (Table 2). (Source: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Census Bureau, Statistics of U.S. Businesses.)…

Are those small business people who create jobs going to be attending one of those meeting? Just asking.


Just did interniew with CNN on tweeting. Talking about the personal nature of my tweets. Want to be real. And share work. 33 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

We appreciate it. We really do. Gotta feed the content beast.

Update 2:

Things look good on compromise. Officially got sub committee on contracting. Going to basement to grab lunch while walking. 2 minutes ago from TinyTwitter

The “compromise” never looked good.