Randy Turner has nice video of Rep. Bryan Stevenson (R-Webb City) from last summer in something of a Mike Gundy mode.

In the video, Stevenson happily describes his conservativism by claiming that he’s “staunchly pro-life, staunchly right to carry, proud to be a born again Christian, proud to be the owner of a large firearm, and the holder of a right to carry permit.” He also tells us that he’s a licensed airplane mechanic and a licensed attorney. No word on if he owns a trebuchet.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, Stevenson is on a non-apology tour, offering up excuse after excuse as to why what he said wasn’t meant to hurt anyone. (When you apologize, you generally acknowledge that what you said was wrong, not that you didn’t mean anything by it.)

Among the excuses, he said he was part Cherokee and therefore couldn’t be racist, and that he was factually correct in that the federal government illegally grabbed power from the states by waging the Civil War. At least he acknowledged slavery was and is wrong.

I wonder what new RNC Chairman Michael Steele has to say about this clown? It’s pretty hard to believe that the Republican Party has truly gotten beyond race and the Southern Strategy when you’ve still got prominent members of the rank-and-file who are Confederate apologists.