The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens is in a hand-waving tizzy over the fact that Barack Obama has been president for three whole weeks and world peace hasn’t broken out, lions have not laid down with lambs, and a chorus of angels has not filled the air with joyous strains.  

I know!  What was the point of electing him if things weren’t going to get better yesterday?  That’ll teach us to try a different tack, won’t it?

Iran hasn’t closed down Nattanz, North Korea is still posturing, Pakistan hasn’t wiped out all Islamist militants in the tribal areas on the border with Afghanistan, Russia hasn’t unilaterally disarmed and worst of all, he failed to bring a time machine and prevent the war in Gaza.  

This jackass rails on for hundreds of words that President Obama needs to strike fear in the hearts of the wicked, otherwise we are all gonna diiiieeeee!!!!!!!!

Clearly, the Obama administration is an epic fail and we are stuck with this loser for another four years!  O noes!  

What hath democracy wrought???