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On January 29th SurveyUSA released a 600 sample poll of adults taken in Missouri from January 20th through the 21st which shows high approval numbers across the state for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. The margin of error is 3.9%.

The poll was sponsored by KCTV in Kansas City.

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Jay Nixon is doing as Governor?


63% – approve

21% – disapprove

14% – not sure

Democrats [43% of sample]

81% – approve

10% – disapprove

10% – not sure

republicans [26% of sample]

49% – approve

33% – disapprove

19% – not sure

Independents [26% of sample]

49% – approve

34% – disapprove

17% – not sure

There’s a net positive approval for Nixon across all party affiliations. There’s nothing so good as taking office after your predecessor screwed everything up so badly and completely. Interestingly, the numbers for Independents and republicans are nearly identical.


Male [48% of sample]

64% – approve

21% – disapprove

15% – not sure

Female [52% of sample]

62% – approve

23% – disapprove

14% – not sure

There is no gender gap. These numbers are very similar to Nixon’s overall approval numbers.

Regionally there is consistency in Nixon’s approval numbers (with one exception) and they are all at a significant level of net positive approval. The strongest approval numbers are in the southwest part of the state. The governor’s approval in the southeast part of the state is lower than other regions, but is at a net positive approval by 31%.