Why is Thad frickin’ Cochran on NPR this morning instead of Claire McCaskill, who is a damn good surrogate and sharp as a tack?  Has anyone checked to see if the media actually got the memo announcing the results of last November’s election?  

I sure don’t recall seeing and hearing a preponderance of Democrats on the airwaves when we were in the minority, unlike now with the republicans.  What’s up with that?

Claire plays well, and the President needs to get her out there speaking for this, making the case as a lawyer and reinforcing it as a successful and popular State Auditor, and a Democrat who had no trouble getting elected statewide in a red state.  (We won’t talk about 2004 and John Kerry screwing the entire state three weeks before the election.)  

But don’t take my word for it that she can make her case.  Watch her.  I wish the quality was better on this, but it is the only video of her on the Senate floor yesterday that I could find.