In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Senator Kit Bond of Missouri displayed why Senate Intelligence is an oxymoron. When asked about the confirmation of Leon Panetta as head of the CIA and Senator Bond’s trouble with an op-ed piece  written by Mr. Panetta concerning the intelligence of WMD’s in Iraq being false and also that there were members of the intelligence community that had disagreed with the false analysis. According to Senator Bond in one statement there were no disagreements between intelligence officials concerning the WMD intelligence. However when given examples by Andrea Mitchell of members of the State Department who did disagree Senator Bond states that there are always members of the intelligence community that disagree. Ok, Senator Bond which is it? Were there disagreements in the intelligence community or were there not?

     What troubles me the most about Senator Bond’s interview was not his failure to give ample evidence of why the op-ed piece was incorrect, but the fact that he blamed the Clinton Administration for the false evidence used to invade Iraq. According to Senator Bond the failure of the intelligence community to recognize the bad intelligence was not due to the Bush Administration’s cooking the intelligence, but because the intelligence community was “gutted” by the Clinton Administration. It is good for us Missourians that Senator Bond has decided to retire. He is obviously out of touch with reality and can now only meme the Republican talking points. Even with report after report surfacing detailing the pressure applied by the Bush White House to intelligence officials to conform intelligence reports to match their preconceived desire to invade Iraq, Senator Bond continues to defend the false intelligence.

    The Senator never acknowledges or accepts any responsibility on behalf of the Republicans or the Bush Administration for the faulty intelligence that led to the Bush Doctrine. Once again he displays the Republican ailment known as selective amnesia as well as the good ole Republican standby of blame the Democrats for everything. The economic meltdown, the Iraq War, and the dividing of America these are all the fault of the Democrats. Senator Bond like many of his Republican colleagues has no intention of supporting the new President or respecting the will of the people. They continue to live in an alternative reality where losing elections or national crises do not require the losers to bargain in good faith with the winners. Instead they continue to take minute details of an 800 billion dollar bill and try to create false outrage at less than one percent of the total bill. Are you kidding me? Do these guys really think that the public is going to watch as jobs are hemorrhaging while they posture about condoms?

    Senator Bond, I know it must be inviting for a retiring Republican Senator to feel like he has nothing to lose and can be an obstructionist. The problem with this scenario is that you were elected by the voters in Missouri and those voters are suffering and will continue to do so. Republicans were so fond of saying they wanted to “Put America First” in the last election, well Senator Bond you have an opportunity to put Missourians first. Will you continue to place Party over Missourians? Americans, including Missourians made a clear choice last November it is time for the Republicans to get on board. Americans did not vote for more of the same failed policies that got us into mess. Americans did not vote for more of the same business as usual or got cha politics of the past. There is too much at stake today for this foolishness.

    Senator Bond instead of nitpicking the Presidential nominee’s maybe you should be focusing on the economy that is crashing around us. If my memory serves me correctly I believe after President Bush was elected you stated that he should be allowed to have the people he wanted to serve in his cabinet. Does this rule only apply to Republicans? Senator you can’t save your face and your ass too.

Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. – Henri Frederic Amiel

The Disputed Truth