In the immediate aftermath of an election everyone collapses. After a short break, or maybe a slightly longer one, Democratic Party activists and candidates start gearing up for the next election cycle. It’s not insanity or masochism, it’s the pragmatic reality of the process. A candidate can’t decide to run on the last day of filing in an election year and expect to win.

Planning, preparation, and fundraising two years out from the actual election don’t guarantee a victory, but a lack thereof certainly increases the likelihood of a loss. That’s the harsh reality.

Courtney Cole (right), a member of the club and a newly elected member of the Missouri State Democratic Committee, gives a presentation on the redesigned Johnson County Democratic Club web site.

The Johnson County Democratic Club held its monthly meeting tonight in the banquet room of a local restaurant in Warrensburg. Attendees heard reports on the club’s finances (healthy, thank you very much), on candidate recruitment, on volunteer recruitment, and on the club’s upgraded and updated web site. There will be a fundraising event in late March. There is no rest for the committed…

The cycle continues. Activists and candidates start the process. New volunteers are enlisted. And new events are planned. That’s retail politics in Missouri. In the trenches.