Check out the new video by AFSCME as part of their Make America Happen campaign ( The video reminds us that we have overcome financial crisis before, and we can do it again.  It compared FDR’s solutions to the Great Depression with Obama’s plans to tackle our current economic crisis.  

As AFSCME President Gerald McEntee pointed out in his Huffington Post piece yesterday,

“President-elect Barack Obama’s call for bold action and civic engagement in response to our present crisis echoes FDR’s inspiring call to pull the nation out of the Great Depression and forge the New Deal. The video shows how our nation triumphed over economic crisis once before and can do so again by reinvesting in public service, providing health care for all Americans and growing the middle class.”

With a severe economic recession, an unemployment rate that reached 7.2 percent in December and continues to grow, and with more Americans falling into poverty, Americans are demanding action. Please sign our petition and make your voice heard.

The Make America Happen campaign is dedicated to helping President-elect Obama revitalize our economy, provide health care for all, and strengthen the middle class. Our best days are still ahead of us.