If you are, I’m sure the Chinese will be psyched.

Wake Up Walmart, who I’m working with, has a great new video up highlighting the perils of supporting the Bentonville behemoth.

In their quest to cut costs, Walmort outsources more and more jobs overseas. It’s come to the point where 70% of Walmart products are now made in communist China. “In the race to the bottom, Walmart gets ahead and the middle class falls behind,” the ad warns.

I know I’m just kind of preaching to the choir about how ugly Walmart’s business practices. But in the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like to invite you to do one of three things:

1. Send this ad to your friends and family. Walmart’s low prices are deceiving and in this struggling economy, a lot of good people might be fooled. It’s important that we get the word out about the high cost of these low prices.

2. Visit WakeUpWalmart.com today and learn how you can help. With the election over, if you have time to join the good fight, we could always use your support.

3. Blog about how the Obama administration should have a say in curbing Walmart’s ugly business practices. This isn’t only a case of a corporation out of control; it’s a case of worker abuse, shoddy environmental practices and an active union-busting agenda.

We’re fighting for more than just winning elections. We are fighting for a more progressive America.

In this time of economic peril, it’s more important now than ever. I urge you all to join the fight and send a strong message to Walmart!