It’s election filing season. Yesterday was day one of filing. Most of the noteworthy stuff occurs on the first and last days of filing (with occasional news in-between), here’s the list

Filing for Mayor: Mayor Francis Slay (D) and Former Alderman Irene J. Smith in a rematch of 2005 where Slay won 66%-31% over Smith.

Incumbents have filed in Ward 1 (Troupe), Ward 5 (Griffin), Ward 7 (Young), Ward 9 (Ortmann), Ward 11 (Villa), Ward 13 (Wessels), Ward 15 (Florida), Ward 17 (Roddy), Ward 19 (Davis), Ward 21 (Jones-King), and Ward 27 (Carter). Ward 23 is rumored to be open (and four candidates have filed), Ward 3 and 25 have non-incumbents filed and no incumbent filed yet.

Candidate filing ends January 2nd, the primary is on March 3rd, the general election is on April 7th. From what i’ve noticed on the other side of the state, STL City Politics is never really boring, even if the drama in this election will end after March 3rd.