Hopefully, everyone has some time off this week and gets to enjoy it, and if you have some free time in your schedule please check out some of these great events.  Also, I’m with Markos Moulitsas: if you’re going to eat turkey rather than tofurkey this Thanksgiving, please consider buying free range .  

This week’s events:

Monday, Nov. 24.  National Columnist and strong advocate against Proposition 8 Dan Savage is going to be speaking tonight at WashU.  He’ll be speaking at LabSci 300 starting at 7 PM and you can RSVP here.

Tuesday, Nov. 25.  I-Squared, a part of the International Institute of St. Louis, will be serving traditional Thanksgiving Dinners to immigrant and refugee families from 6 to 8 at 3654 Grand Avenue as part of their monthly dinner series.  RSVP at this link.

Wednesday, Nov. 26.  The Latin American Forum will be showing “When the Mountains Tremble,” a movie about a battle between the Guatemalan military and a nearly defenseless Mayan population.  The movie will be at the Oak Bend Branch Library (842 South Holmes Ave.) and starts at 7 PM.  More info is at the IOW calendar.

Thursday, Nov. 27.  Lydia’s House is holding a Gingerbread House Silent Auction from top chef’s around St. Louis from 10 AM to 8 PM.  All profits go to Lydia’s House, a shelter for domestic violence survivors.  More info is at this link.

Friday, Nov. 28.  Yippee!  It’s buy nothing day!

Saturday, Nov. 29 Manchester United Methodist Church is hosting a huge Fair Trade Market this weekend.  It looks like they have a great schedule of events.  Check it out here.  

Sunday, Nov. 30.  The Community Arts and Media Project is hosting a “Thankstaking Potluck”, in solidarity with the indigenous people of North America.    They’ll be showing “Broken Rainbow,” a 1985 documentary film about the government-enforced relocation of thousands of Diné (aka Navajo) Native Americans from their ancestral homes in Arizona.  More info is at the CAMP homepage.

Have a fun and meaningful week,