From what I’m hearing and reading, there are a lot of Obama supporters eager and willing to charge into the next phase of party building in Missouri.  Now that we’ve been trained to ID voters, discuss their issues and persuade them to vote for Obama, why let the fire go out?  Why not set up permanent Democratic offices around the state with the goal of continuing to build party support, recruiting and grooming candidates for 2010, and pitching in to support President Obama and Governor Nixon when their policies and ideas are attacked by the other side?

There must be a way to coordinate with the party’s state-level apparatus other than just access to the VAN (although that IS a really neat system.)  What if we could talk the state committee into budgeting some funds for basic things like rent, utilities, internet connection, etc.  Groups with at least some track record and decent organizational skills could apply for grants, e.g., $12,000 per year, spelling out their goals and timetables.  E.g., Identifying a set number of Democrats in a specific geographical area.  OR sponsoring monthly or quarterly political events/fundraisers.  Or setting up committees like those proposed by former Chair of the Mo Party, Roger Wilson.  That was a good idea, but nothing came of it.  If there are new volunteers joining local clubs and central committees who have great ideas, why not nurture them by providing a physical space for them to meet and work?  AND a permanent, year-round local phone number easily accessed by phone book or online.  

If we’ve learned nothing else from Howard Dean and Barack Obama, we’ve learned that “top of the ticket” candidates getting all the resources doesn’t work.  Building the party from the bottom up does.  Does anyone else think it’s worth approaching the state committee about this?