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About 50 people, ranging from babes-on-hips to the very elderly converged on 63rd and Ward Parkway in Kansas City Thursday during the evening rush hour to protest the veto of SCHIP legislation by President Bush earlier in the week.

Getting 50 people to 63rd and Ward Parkway during rush hour is in and of itself an accomplishment.  There isn’t exactly a handy freeway on/off ramp – it is smack in the middle of the city.

Medical students from KU were in attendance, and social activists from across the spectrum.  There was a newscrew there, and if our little gathering makes the local news I will update with a link.

But the reception we got from motorists was amazing!  I only saw one person flip the bird, everyone else was laying on their horns.  Even the city busses were honking and waving and showing their support.  It was very encouraging, and I am hopeful that rallies like ours throughout the country will put enough pressure on congresscritters that they will be  forced to stand up to the incumbent and stand up for children,  and shove his veto back down his craven throat.  And may he choke on it like it was a pretzel. 

Photos below the fold…

Future Democrats

Raising ’em right!

Angry young mothers.

Angry grandmothers.

Looking east – the greenway crowd.

Looking west – the streetcorner crowd.

Damned good advice!