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ProVote organized a meeting at Rep Hulshof’s Columbia office today with about 20 people representing all walks of life, calling for Hulshof to vote to over ride the President’s veto of the SCHIP program. SCHIP is the health insurance program covering children from low income families.
Tim Farmer, the local field director for Hulshof accepted a gift of 77 colorful bandaids , each representing 1000 Missouri children who will lose their health care coverage with the loss of SCHIP. Physicians and nurses present spoke to the health crisis the lack of insurance will cause. Children not receiving preventive care and presenting to Emergency Rooms for every medical need will increase the overall expense for all of us. SCHIP, even in its expanded form, is a net money saver for this reason.
Mr Farmer politely accepted the appeal. Could there be hope for Kenny to do the right thing, this time around…for the children?
Time will tell.
Here it is as reported on KMIZ (Jef City):
Meanwhile lets keep those letters to the editor, and to our representatives going!