I’m no stranger to public protest. But, it’s been a while since I’ve taken to the streets. I was surprised to read an article [link may expire]  [tiny URL]  in today’s Kansas City Star – on the back page of the “B” section – describing someone’s innovative approach. The “old” media tends to not cover this type of activity.

A few weeks ago one of my nephews, visiting us from out of town with his family, surprised me with his knowledge of current events. He mentioned the Project for a New American Century. I told him that I didn’t know very many people his age who were conversant on the subject. He told me that he was a fan of a musical group which addresses PNAC [not very favorably] in their music.

We spent some time discussing my public protest activities – our entire family knows my history. I told my nephew about the Freeway Blogger. His father quickly interjected that such activity probably wasn’t a good idea for someone in his early teens. I agreed with the other responsible adults.

The article today in the Star reminded me that there’s still a lot of education to be done. And silence means consent.

…A war protester rolled up a huge cloth banner and secretly secured it to the ceiling above a catwalk in the back of the Polsky Theatre at Johnson County Community College.

The banner initially went unnoticed by the nearly 400 people who attended a 90-minute lecture on bipartisanship Monday night. The lecture featured U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore, a Kansas Democrat, and Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican…

…In large block letters, the banner accused the Bush administration, Moore and Roberts of “crimes against humanity.” The last line was a plea to end the Iraq war…

What an artist! I had to smile.