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Hillary Clinton is squashing the other Democratic nominees in the polls.   She’s ahead of Obama anywhere from 15-18 points and has triple Edwards’s numbers.

Many state political leaders, regardless of what they may personally think of Clinton’s stands on the issues, get the willies when they consider the consequences for their own state of a Hillary ticket.  She’s a lightning rod, the kind of candidate who might give dejected Republicans a reason not to stay home on election day.  In a toss-up state like ours, that’s reason to worry.

Politics Blog quotes an AP article:

In more than 40 interviews, Democratic candidates, consultants and party chairs from every region pointed to internal polls that give Clinton strikingly high unfavorable ratings in places with key congressional and state races.

“I’m not sure it would be fatal in Indiana, but she would be a drag” on many candidates, said Democratic state Rep. Dave Crooks of Washington, Ind.

Many Missouri Democrats would be bobbing their heads in agreement as far as how that ticket could play out here.  Quite a few of them, including former Party Chairman Roger Wilson, think that Kerry’s lack of commitment to Missouri in ’04 cost Claire the governor’s race.  And in fact, McCaskill may have opted to run for the Senate rather than take on Blunt again because she was concerned about a ticket with Hillary at the top.

But here’s the upside, according to Politics Blog:

One thing to note: Clinton is very likely capable of raising lots of money and building a disciplined organization for a general election campaign. Those two factors could make it easy for Clinton to invest money into a borderline toss-up state like Missouri.

And besides her money and organization, Hillary still has the magic weapon:  Bill.