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Making an Account

Click on Make a New Account on the top of the right hand column on the front page. The link is right above the fields for username and password. The link will direct you to a registration page, where you will be prompted to enter a user name and an e-mail address, and your password will be mailed to you promptly.

Writing a Comment

This is where the fun begins! If you have any feedback for a diary, whether it’s on the front page or in the Recent Diaries section, click on Post a Comment on the bottom of the diary (in the blue strip.) If you would like to respond to another commenter, click Reply on the comment you wish to respond to. After you write your comment, you may wish to hit the Preview button before you post, just to make sure that the comment has no errors.

Rating a Comment

You also have the ability to rate the comments of others. If you really find a comment helpful, insightful, or especially well-written, regardless of whether you agree with the comment, you may give the author a 3 or Excellent rating. If a particular comment was written in a way that strikes you as abusive or degrading the conversation, you may give it a 1 or Unproductive rating. If the comment is so offensive that it should be hidden from view, you may give it a 0 or Troll rating.
Note: Only Trusted Users are able to rate other comments. You will gain Trusted User status after a number of comments rated as Excellent by the community.

Warning! Downrating comments based solely on disagreement will be considered ratings abuse and grounds for banning the offender.

Writing a diary

If you’ve got more than a few sentences to share with us, even if it is in response to a diary or comment, by all means, put that down in a diary! Click on New Diary in the menu on the right hand side of the front page. Make sure that you Preview your new diary before you hit the Savebutton. When you have saved your diary, it will appear on the right side in the Recent Diaries section. Well-written, insightful diaries may be promoted to the front page.

Make sure that you add proper tags to your diary. Tags are terms that represent  the content of your diary and make searching for diaries based on content much easier. For example, if your diary was on a vote by Claire McCaskill in the US Senate, you might add Claire McCaskill, US Senate, and roll call vote as tags.

You may write on whatever you wish within the bounds of our user guidelines. However, as this is a progressive community blog about Missouri politics, you’ll have a greater chance of getting a response if you write something along those lines.


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For a more detailed account of the various diary features, you may want to check out this informative page at Soapblox. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Thanks for participating here at Show Me Progress, and happy blogging!!