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We’re starting a new series here at Show Me Progress called “Who the Hell’s Going to Run Against..?” focusing on races where an officeholder who deserves to be turned out of office faces (as yet) no opposition. We’ll keep this feature up until the filing deadlines next year.

Our inaugural edition of WHGRA…? will focus on one of our favorite Republicans, Todd Akin from Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District (the Fightin’ 2nd!) Congressman Akin was elected in 2000 and has treated us to such gems as Davy Crockett’s Blackberry and a spurious defense of Bush’s Gulf Coast Wage Cut Inititiative. He’s been a rubber stamp for Bush in Congress, voting with Bush over 90% of the time. Unfortunately, Democrats haven’t fielded a good candidate in Akin’s district for years. (George “Boots” Weber, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. You’re a sweet man, but you’ve tried and tried, and you’re just not going to beat Todd Akin.) Rumor was that Sam Page came close to challenging Akin in 2006, but opted not to at the last minute.

So in 2008, who the hell is going to run against Todd Akin? Tips, suggestions and rumors are welcome.