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Lucas Kunce, a Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, spoke this afternoon at a gathering of 4th Congressional District Democrats.

Lucas Kunce (D).

Remarks [edited for length]:


…And, so, for, for an eight year old kid. I mean, that was hard for me….because, like, I spent my birthday, you know, it wasn’t just that my parents weren’t there, but I spent it praying that my little sister wouldn’t die because, even as a kid I knew, if my sister dies on my birthday, like doe I ever get a birthday again?


I don’t know if anybody here knows what happens to a paycheck to paycheck family when any sort of disaster strikes. Now, remember, I’m not talking about the shareholder class or the financiers. We know when they screw around in the economy they get bailed out by the government, right? [“Right.”] But for all of us when that furnace that’s been limping along for two winters goes out, our car breaks down, or in my family’s case, a health disaster that’s no fault of your own, right? Unlike these financiers no fault of your own when a health condition comes, like that’s devastation for your family…


….But you would have to have the courage to learn. Courage with Josh Hawley’s (r) a stretch, right? You would have to have the courage to learn how every day people live. You’s have to have the courage to meet us, to ask questions, and to figure out what we need and do that, right? You could represent us if you wanted to do those things. Well the thing is, like, Josh Hawley (r) doesn’t want to represent in this state, does he? What does Josh Hawley want to do with us? Does he want to represent us? {“No.”] No. Josh Hawley wants to rule us. That’s what he wants to do. He wants to rule us for his own personal ambitions.

And if you doubt me, just look at his policies. He wants to control us in the bedroom, he wants to control us in the doctor’s office, he wants to control us in the workplace. I don’t know, has anybody seen the new book he’s got out? [“No.”] Manhood, by Josh Hawley. [laughter] He literally wants to control every aspect of our lives. I’m telling you what, that’s crazy, right? Like, like for twenty-nine ninety-nine you’re gonna get the secrets of masculinity from the coward of January 6th? That’s wild….


…Here’s what the guy does. He goes through every biblical figure, male biblical figure, starting with Adam, compares himself to their positive qualities, and says that if everyone were just more like Josh Hawley the masculinity crisis in America would be resolved [laughter]….


…It’s a really, really sad thing. And that’s what we’re standing up for in this, in this campaign. And so, you know, I think that one of the ways to turn that around is to invest in our state and invest in our communities again.

Anybody think Josh Hawley (r) cares about investing in our state? He voted against the infrastructure bill. He voted against legislation that would have built out the next generation of energy jobs right here in middle America. He doesn’t care about investing in the state. He cares about his big oil donors. And you know what? Say what you will about Roy Blunt (r), but Roy Blunt brought three-hundred and fifty million dollars back to this state every single year. Like that’s part of the job. Part of the job. You know how much Josh Hawley (r) brings back every years? Literally zero…



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