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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Today, from Josh Hawley (r):

Senator Josh Hawley
[July 20, 2023]
Hawley says DOJ continues to interfere with GOP ‘efforts to find out: Is the president of the US a crook?’

If it’s not political, why would the GOP be making ‘efforts’. Why not the U.S. Senate? Just asking.

Some of the responses:

It’s mind boggling the comments supporting searching for something, anything to try to find a way to make Biden look bad.
But trump, with all the crimes he committed, still has people cool with all he did. Defend him like he did nothing wrong. Make excuses for him. I just don’t get it.

Can you tell me what Hawley has done in the past 4 years to improve the lives of Missouri’s residents? He must have a list of accomplishments, I just can’t find any…thanks for your enlightenment.

and you notice, it’s like crickets whenever you ask that question. Never a response.

Thank you; I’m trying to understand how Missouri elects someone who doesn’t care about improving the lives of its residents. Missouri is one of the states listed as receiving the highest Federal Aid for underserved residents. Wages are low, the school systems are rated at the bottom, the wealthy are not fairly taxed, health care is abysmal, especially for women and children. I hope the voters educate themselves before marking their ballots in 2024.

they love him because he hates the same people.
They care about what they are told to care about then they blindly follow.
The gov recently declined federal aid to the needy.
These are self destructive hate filled …. people.
It’s bad here. Real bad. Most can no longer afford rent even in two income homes.
Food cost have forced many to stop eating meat alltogether. ( interesting that artificial meat suddenly appears )
Health care is abysmal and cost for care make most choose to die. They’re great at collecting Healthcare debt. Really good at that
Dental care is … awful coupled with crooked providers.
The list goes on.
But hay they saved unwanted babies and increased the likelihood that you’d have one too.

He (Hawley) should be investigated for fomenting insurrection and then running like a little girl.

Good grief. Then we should look into the criminality of Hawley and his support/association with Jan 6 insurrectionists. Hawley continues to support the former president who has 71 pending felonies, and it appears there more to come. Until only recently, Hawley’s cover photo “proudly” displayed a picture of himself and the former president, who led an insurrection based on lies. Hawley promoted this man’s lies while giving the insurrection crowd a raised fist of support. And glory be, a Twitter post from Dec. 2020 shows that Hawley even has the support of currently indicted Meshawn Maddock, one of the Michigan fake electors, then Hawley went on to contest the Electoral Count even after the horrendous attack on the US Capitol.
But Hawley has never raised an eyebrow or criticized their lies or lawlessness. Biden has never had a hint of criminality in his past while the former president has a long history of questionable acts and immorality, many based on court testimony and court judgments, as well as testimony of close GOP close and attorneys. Recently, Hawley spoke at a Florida conference that featured the former president and many who reportedly participated in the Jan 6 insurrection plans, who still peddle 2020 election lies, and who continue to support the twice (soon to be three maybe four) times indicted former president who has already been found civilly liable for sexual abuse, whose charity was dissolved for misusing funds (stealing from charity), who closed his own university (settled out of court) due to “shocking pattern of illegality,” whose attorney and CFO were sent to prison for actions either ordered or approved by him.
Maybe the Congress should question Hawley’s criminality based upon his support, without reservation or remorse, of those who have and those who have allegedly committed crimes against our government. How much money does he receive for his on-going attempts to deceive his constituents?

And you tried to interfere in a fair election! Now you are scared you might be held accountable for your actions! Run, Josh, run!

I wish Missouri had a Senator that worked for the people of Missouri.

No such luck.

This man has done absolutely nothing for Missouri since he was elected all he done is self-promote and make political talking points

Your problem is not that a President may be corrupt. Your problem is that YOUR ex-President is being accused of serious crimes and you don’t want to have to admit, if necessary, that he was anything but perfect. That would reflect on your past support of his actions. What you are looking for is revenge in a two-tiered system of justice white-washed with complaints about what is an even-handed rule of law.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

If Democrats were “rigging elections,” we’d have single-payer healthcare, clean water, no Fox News and solar cars by now

There’s that.

Some crook named Trump is under indictment for stealing classified materials

There’s that, also.