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“Abortion is health care”


This morning:

Congresswoman Cori Bush @RepCori
Abortion care is healthcare.

Yesterday’s ruling against FDA-approved mifepristone is another example of far-right judges attempting to strip away our reproductive freedoms.

Our communities deserve better. I’m glad to see @TheJusticeDept swiftly appeal this dangerous ruling.
7:32 AM · Apr 8, 2023

Anti-abortion right wingnuts, quick to troll:

There is plenty of birth control options. Learn them. Teach them. USE THEM!!!

Abortion is not healthcare, Cori, due to the fact that pregnancy is neither a disorder nor a disease state.

And that’s why there are never maternal health issues or fatalities due to a pregnancy, right?

You are not reproducing shit. You are using abortion for birth control! Educate yourself and use protection!

Because contraception is always 100% effective, right?

When the right wingnut controlled U.S. Supreme Court makes contraception illegal, then what?