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Jess Piper (D) [2022 file photo].

This morning:

Piper for Missouri @piper4missouri
Hot take: if a school is forced to choose academics only four days a week, they shouldn’t be allowed to practice sports five days a week. Make it a rule and see how quickly there’s a backlash that #MOLeg can’t ignore.
9:37 AM · Dec 21, 2022


Piper for Missouri @piper4missouri
Parents who have acquiesced to less may stand up for athletics. You can’t win games practicing one day less than the other team…

Some of the responses:

No practice nor games on days school is not in session. Period.

But . . . by cutting back like that they won’t be able to achieve as . . . uh, wait, never mind.

It’s sad, but that would do it.

It’s been my experience that the same parents who couldn’t tell you what classes their kids were taking in middle/high school, or name even one of their kids teachers, will flip their lids & show up screaming if you cut anything to do with school sports.

100%. That’s incredible. And so you need 5 days to be competitive athletically … but who gives a rat’s backside about being competitive academically …

This is NOT America First —


For anyone who was wondering, this is not the reason for the existence of higher education (October 16, 2022)