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“Stupidity may be inherited, but ignorance is a personal choice.”

From time to time a right wingnut concern troll will try to leave a comment here. Our system defaults to automatic moderation – that is, comments have to be approved. We don’t allow such comments to be linked to the original post, but on occasion, when we see fit, we’ll mock these attempts.

We see fit.

An attempted comment to a post about the ladder-climbing fist-pumping insurrectionist:

It sounds like Democrats have a moral code for thee but not for me. They are throwing stones and our memories are good… the riots they supported & a president that gives all appearance of being pals with China.

Since your part of the conversation appears to be about morality, let’s take a look at the grifting, pussy grabbing, thrice married serial adulterer you voted for (probably twice). You don’t have a good memory. You evidently do have the attention span of a gnat and half the IQ.

Riot? Try seditious conspiracy.

China? China? Appearances? How about reality?


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