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Jess Piper (D) [2022 file photo].


Jean Evans @mojeanevans
Meet Jess. She’s fought hard to keep schools shut down and businesses closed. And now she wants your vote to do more of the same.

Piper for Missouri @piper4missouri
I know you keep up with me, girl. I’m not teaching this year. I’m running for state representative. Just trying to keep my kid’s school open while y’all tell her to get in the field while listening to books on tape. You know…the model you proposed for rural students?

10:39 AM · Oct 19, 2022

Do you smell republican fear in Missouri’s 1st Legislative District race? You’ve got to wonder why.

Via the Missouri Ethics Commission:

The republican in the race:

That’s some ratio.

Speaking of ratios, some of the responses to Jean Evans (r):


We see what you did there.

Jess Piper is a rural educator who wants all students, including our rural students, to receive a quality public education. She has obviously not fought to keep schools closed. People are tired of others lying about where people running for political office stand on issues.

Jean, be honest, your work in education promotions privatization of schools, not support of public schools.

Jess is the voice we need in the state legislature. Practical experience dealing with decreased school funding, neglect of rural infrastructure and lobbyists destruction of family farms. She gives me hope

You are obsessed with her lol

More like fear.

Jean, you might want to sit this one out. Jess will go toe to toe with you and you’ll lose.

Meet Jean.
She’s OK with forcing schools to cut their curricula to 4-days a week to fund tax breaks for the wealthy, but trolls people who supported public health protocols protecting students, customers & employees during the pandemic.
Jean’s a hypocrite.
Don’t be like Jean.

Jean, meet our friend Ratio

Heh. We noticed.

Person that wants public education to fail says what?

And we LOVE her for it. Americans don’t want the fascism you’re pushing Jean.

Don’t be like Jean. Jean is sad and bored.

You are a liar, disgraceful. You do not have Missouri citizens in your best interest

She is being paid. That is what matters to Jean.

Huh? I’ve been following Jess for a while… her messaging seems to be about keeping rural schools open 5 days a week. Are you resorting back to talking points from 2 years ago? The world has changed, Jean.

Meet Jean. She has 45,000 fewer followers than Jess. If Jess has 48,000 followers, how many does Jean have?

Well, would you look at that. Us teachers can turn anything into a math problem [….]

We see what you did there.

As I recall Jess taught during the pandemic, in person. She was a brave frontline worker. I have nothing but respect for her and her voice in our community. Thank you, Jess Piper!

You’re a sad, dishonest shill for the GOP.

Believing in public schools and wanting to be a responsible steward of our children’s health. Wanting to invest in rural children. What a concept! Republicans have failed.

The whole world was shutdown. Just stop.

What a load crap. Betsy Devos is the one that proposed keeping rural kids in the field for starters. Secondly, What schools actually shut down last year in Mo? None How many businesses actually shut down other than the first 2 weeks of the pandemic in Missouri?

Saaaay what? Girlfriend you need to cough up data before you roundhouse with parroting opinions. But then that would mean knowing how to research and vet information…which is taught in public schools by the very educators you are trying to cancel and defund. Sit down.

Petty twitter fight? Shouldn’t you be busy stealing public funds for private education capitalists. Or maybe just finding new arguments to ensure that children with special needs are setup to fail.

Pretty much.

You’re Jean. Whose whole existence is fighting to defund public schools and pack the pockets of elitists. And now she thinks her trolling on Twitter is cute. It’s not.

Pretty much.

Well, Jean. Congrats on the steaming pile of horse shit you just dumped on the internet.

Meet Jean. This morning someone shat in her Fascist Flakes. And now she wants your attention so she can fill the hate shaped hole in her soul.