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Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

RSMo § 167.181. Immunization of pupils against certain diseases compulsory — exceptions — records — to be at public expense, when — fluoride treatments administered, when — rulemaking authority, procedure. — 1. The department of health and senior services, after consultation with the department of elementary and secondary education, shall promulgate rules and regulations governing the immunization against poliomyelitis, rubella, rubeola, mumps, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, and hepatitis B, to be required of children attending public, private, parochial or parish schools. Such rules and regulations may modify the immunizations that are required of children in this subsection. The immunizations required and the manner and frequency of their administration shall conform to recognized standards of medical practice. The department of health and senior services shall supervise and secure the enforcement of the required immunization program. [….]


Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
As long as I am Governor of Missouri, I will do everything under my authority to never let the federal government mandate COVID vaccines in our schools.
3:03 PM · Oct 20, 2022

Also today, in Oklahoma:

Governor Kevin Stitt @GovStitt
Regardless of what the CDC says, as long as I am governor, we will never force kids to get a COVID vaccine to go to school.
2:41 PM · Oct 20, 2022

It took twenty-four minutes for the talking point of the day to register with the sock puppet.