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Give us all a brake.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Democrats ignored all the warning signs to ram through a $1.9 trillion partisan spending bill that triggered 9.1% inflation & negative economic growth.
5:16 PM · Jul 26, 2022

[emphasis added]

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Now, they’re pushing ahead with more spending & tax hikes that will make the situation worse. They need to pump the breaks before they drive the economy off the recession cliff.
5:16 PM · Jul 26, 2022

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Almost every country in the world is experiencing a 9% inflation rate. Is that the result of U.S.spending?

The spending bill is responsible for worldwide inflation?? Or just MAYBE it’s the ongoing war and pandemic?

Gas prices going down, thanks Biden!

You used to teach history

Not an English teacher – pump the breaks?

Them’s the brakes

Thanks Senator for tweeting about this instead of checking on us constituents going thru historical flash flooding on the east side of the state. [….]

And how does this explain the fact that inflation is global?

Roy Blount, professional water boy. Good job walking the party line.

What, exactly, is the GOP plan to deal with inflation? I haven’t seen anything except mean tweets. Do better!

Old Roy is getting forgetful. He forgot about all the tax breaks that Republicans granted to the wealthy and corporations during the Trump years…which laid the groundwork for our inflation. [….]

You need to do your homework before posts like this

You know you’re party’s too far gone which is why you’re slinking away. Your corporate donors thank you for your service to their interests.

Are you talking about the #GOPTaxScam?

Inflation is a world-wide problem so let’s put it in world-wide contexts.

Uh, maybe it has something to do with covid-caused supply chain issues & the war in Ukraine thanks to your buddy Putin? Quit simplifying complex issues that you must not understand.

Really appreciate your concern for the STL area! Too busy lying about inflation to notice the havoc climate change is wreaking.
#GOPTraitors [….]

That spending and only that spending caused the inflation? How so? Why not the Trump tax cuts? How did it cause worldwide inflation?

Maybe you’re just lying, intent on leaving the Senate with no integrity left at all

Horse shit Roy

It’s so easy to lie for you isn’t it?
So pathetic

Omg just stop with the partisan BS. You are thrilled with your fascist party or you would be backing Liz Cheney. You are a corrupt POS.

Inflation is global. Quit lying you POS.