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“Today, staring before 11:00 a.m., in high humidity and with the temperature in the 90s, hundreds of individuals gathered in Mill Creek Park near the entrance to the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri to rally in support of reproductive rights.

Several hundred lined the sidewalks facing the streets with their picket signs. Hundreds more constantly, also with signs, streamed further into the park for a rally and to hear speakers.

The reaction from passers by was overwhelmingly supportive (this is Kansas City). There was an unending chain of car horns and shouts of solidarity and raised fists from those in the passing cars.

There have been a number of similar demonstrations scheduled across Missouri over the past few days.

There were, of course, scores of creative and informative protest signs…”

“Reproductive rights are human rights”

“What about my heartbeat?”

“…Protect women’s rights”

“We will fight”

“We will not be silent!”

“…Not your incubator”

“Just ignore abortions like you ignore mass shootings”


“Thou shall not mess with women’s rights”

“Bans off our bodies”

“Pro vasectomy”

“Off with their dicks”


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