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Read the room. Seriously.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Taking away Americans’ #2A rights is the wrong approach to protect our schoolchildren.

Instead, Congress should be working to empower our law enforcement to protect our education centers and provide our schools with the resources needed to increase security.
8:17 AM · Jun 6, 2022

Because doing the same thing and expecting a different result is what?

Some of the responses:

Why does anyone need to own a gun designed to kill a lot of people very, very quickly?

Oh yes, because the police did so much for those children at #Ulvade [….]

Laws work ol’ girl, get to making and fixing them! [….]

But, but, that’s not NRA dogma.

The bubble of Active Shooter Drills has already burst Vick. It is time to remove the availability of the weapons themselves, period.

Let this sink in, “today’s school shooters have been through the Active Shooter Drills, they know the procedures, & protocols, you cannot hide.”

As a former teacher you should remember teachers personally purchase a lot of the supplies that should be provided for them. They’re spending their personal $$$ that they don’t have for our children. How is it you can find Fed $$ for guns and ammo, but not dry erase markers?

Your mistake is in believing Vicky Hartzler’s (r) “solutions” don’t require out-of-pocket expenditures by teachers.

2A was SPECIFICALLY focused on State Militias. The National Guard is what the State Militias became & addresses both the well trained & uninfringed in 2A. The idea of individuals with unlimited gun access/rights is a bastardization of 2A & impedes every other liberty we have.

Hartzler, you went to the same Archie High School I did and I grew up on a farm 2 miles from yours

Explain why back in our school days we had open doors, no guards and no worries about mass shootings. Why? We had mental sickies back then too [….]

Could it be that there no AR-15

[….] How do propose to protect all public areas, events & venues 24hrs a day? The #2A was ratified in 1789, the flintlock/musket was the state of art weapon, 2 shot pr/min, close range for accuracy.

The advance of weaponry now is compatible of hot air ballon to moon landing ..

Because we saw how well that worked in Texas.

Massachusetts has a well-regulated and constitutional approach to gun ownership, and it’s way, way safer than Texas.

Your approach is wrong.

Even though you continue to stand on #2A incorrectly, it also also didn’t say that your rights includes any kind of gun that will ever be invented no matter what it’s for and what it causes. Founders (incorrectly) thought future leaders would also carry common sense

What’s the word on chuch goers, grocery shoppers, those at the mall, walking in the street on Saturday night, at a concert in Las Vergas or anywhere else, at Temple at a spa or in Missouri that is 2nd for men killing women & 80% of those homicides are with a gun? What about them

Before I take you seriously, tell me how much money the @NRA has given you. What’s your #NRA rating!


No Vicky you are wrong. Guns are absolutely the problem.

Have you done anything to help?

Narrator: “No.”

Maybe our well-regulated militias should stop attacking schools.

What’s that? Those aren’t militias? #2A


The mistake you might make is that Vicky Hartzler believes that Americans being massacred is bad. Not true! Massacres are the most important part of our heritage as Americans and she is dedicated to making sure the next generation can look forward to even more of them.

Just admit you are fine with kids being murdered.

No one needs an AR-15, designed to kill a maximum number of humans in a short time. They frighten (not to mention) kill children, adults, and cops. How many AR-15s do you own, Vicky? Why are you defending ownership of them? NRA money? There were 21 mass shootings this weekend.

What about malls, hospitals, concerts, parks, supermarkets? #GFY

Is there anything good that you stand for?

Narrator: “No.”

So children should enter a fortress to attend class, where their teachers are packin’ heat and the principal keeps an arsenal locked up in the back office.

But let’s not traumatize the kids by asking them to wear a mask![….]

The GQP cult is just weird.

I used to think they were weird. Then they got creepy. Now they’re just straight up monsters.

If the @GOP has their way, excuse me the way of their biggest briber the @NRA, they would suggest we all just wear body armor everyday of our lives to every destination that we go to because Freedumb.

And those that can’t afford the body armor, they should have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps harder.

Guns are subject to regulation per SCOTUS. You are using extremist language in an attempt to scare people of something that is, in fact, not happening. That makes you a pandering LIAR and your legislation performance art.

Schools are enough like prisons the way it is. Metal detectors and armed officers walking the halls. We need not have so many loopholes so nut jobs can buy deadly weapons!!! Stop pandering to the NRA and take action to save children’s lives!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand why we want to live in a country here you have armed people outside schools, it’s like something you see in a dystopian movie. It’s disgusting. Basically you don’t want to address the actual issue. You are pathetic and weak

Wrong again, you gunhumping #NRABloodMoney whore. How much do you earn on a per-death basis for your absolutely unconstitutional stance that private weapon ownership “to overthrow U.S. government is in any way covered by 2A? You’re a lying #GOPDomesticTerrorist. We see you.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].