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Read the room, assholes.

This is the 15th day in a row gas prices have reached new record highs!
2:01 PM · May 24, 2022

Some of the responses:

More important things on my mind. Things you do nothing about.

Children at an elementary school in Uvalde TX are being made target practice and you’re talking about fing gas prices!!

And 15 people died today. 14 of them children and one teacher.

Another school shooting today; what is the GOP doing to address gun violence?

Thoughts and prayers as usual.

And how many mass shootings have we had???

It’s been 3,448 days since Sandy Hook and we have yet to pass meaningful legislation to stop mass shootings.

Now there was another elementary school shooting today in Texas.

The GOP is only concerned with protecting the guns.

14 children and 1 teacher woke up, the start of a normal day. 14 children and 1 teacher aren’t coming home.

15 people died at an elementary school in Texas today. Care to comment?

There has been 27 school shooting this year. 27 in under 6 months. Any statement on that? Any ideas or solutions or just thought and prayers?

Anything else of note happen today?

This is the nth time we have had a mass shooting in this country. That is actually something we can do something about. But you don’t care. Go get lost.

Let’s see, how many days with a mass shooting?


Speaking of 15 .. did you hear about the 15 people killed at the elementary school today?

14 elementary kids are dead. I think that is more important.

14 children were slaughtered today you sick empty souled bastards.

14 children and a teacher are dead from a school shooter in an elementary school in Texas. Texas were one needs no@permit, no registration and no background checks. Last week of school. Parents that were planning summer holidays now have to plan funerals. When will you do somethi

And more children killed in a school. Gas is the least of my concerns. [….]

I was certain this was going to be about another mass shooting but no

Gas prices I can deal with.

Having my kid gunned down in school, not so much.

Nice deflection though.

Speaking of 15, its been confirmed that 14 students and 1 teacher were killed in a mass shooting today at an elementary school.

How many days in a row for school shootings?

134 children are ready dead this year in the US from gun violence.

You were saying?

I’ll gladly pay $20/gallon if it’ll stop gun violence.

Another school shooting, but let’s talk about gasoline prices. What does GOP want to say about guns?

15 Americans gunned down today in Texas due to @GOP .

FOURTEEN CHILDREN were murdered today you asswipes.


To the human behind the account: 14 children lost their lives, have you no shame?

No. This has been another edition of short answers to simple questions.

Did you hear the news coming out of Texas?

I am now convinced that you are evil. And evil must be purged.


How many mass shootings in the last 15 days?

This is the third day this week with a mass shooting. Let’s focus on what’s most important

14 children and a teacher were killed in Texas.

I’m sure the timing on this tweet is TOTALY coincidental and not a smokescreen AT ALL [….]