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John Hart (D) – candidate for Johnson County, Missouri Presiding Commissioner

Last Thursday the Johnson County (Missouri) Democratic Club held their first in-person monthly meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic started over two years ago. The meeting took place outdoors in a park shelter in Warrensburg.

In addition to the usual club business and announcements, local candidates who show up have an opportunity to speak to club members and take questions.

John Hartt, a Democratic Party candidate for Johnson County Presiding Commissioner, showed up. He spoke and took questions.

John Hart (D) has previously served on the county commission.

Experience and institutional memory matter.

He spoke about the nuts and bolts of running the county and the importance of listening to the concerns and opinions of every constituent. He fielded questions that reflected the pragmatic concerns of most county residents – the county budget, the Sheriff’s office, roads and bridges – including paving, road drainage, and the proper use of the right of way.

You know, practical concerns about practical things.


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