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Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
“Even in the inevitable moments when all seems hopeless, men know that without hope they cannot really live, and in agonizing desperation they cry for the bread of hope.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
12:13 PM · Jan 17, 2022

There is much hilarity in the responses:

I certainly hope you will defeated in 2024.

You represent everything MLK fought against. Shame on you

After today, you won’t be seeing Hawley support the message of MLK until next year on this date.

Josh googles ‘famous quotes by Martin Luther King’

Love the quote but you quoting it is hypocrisy

Pass the voting rights bill

Vote yes then to voters rights! Otherwise this is JustBlowing in the Wind

They said scary people would be “” MLK today… damn they were right [….]

Is this a joke?? It has to be a joke, right?

“The world was made for those not cursed with self awareness.”
Annie Savoy

Don’t quote him unless you are voting for the Freedom to Vote Act.

How did you tweet this with a straight face? Do you think we don’t know you?

And what are YOU doing for voting rights, Senator?


Hypocritical much

MLK is Hawley’s hero. LOL NOT

You gotta be fkg kidding me.

You don’t deserve to invoke his name.

Keep his words as out of your mouth as they are out of your heart.

How dare you quote this man, when your actions are the exact opposite of everything he believed in and fought for?

WTF are YOU quoting MLK for????

Sit down. MLK would have never supported the insurrection party.

Nothing worse than someone like you quoting someone like MLK.

Look at this virtue signaling.

If you respected MLK at all, your voting record and rhetoric would have been vastly different.

Pretty odd you of all people are quoting MLK.

Noticed that you did not say anything in your own words.

Why is that?

Just words that don’t mean anything to you.

This is hilarious because if MLK was around today Josh would call him a communist and do everything he can to denounce everything he says or does.

Quoting MLK while stomping on his life’s work.

The gall.

You are seriously quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. after attempting to invalidate the votes of people of color? YOU —?

MLK called for leaders of “sound integrity.”

That leaves you out, @HawleyMO

Lordy, I forgot it’s “racist white people quoting MLK day”…[….]

Quoting MLK and then burning Toni Morrison books.[….]

Yeah ummm… I don’t think you get to quote MLK jr. You would 100% oppose his views if he was alive today. You would be going to Tucker Carlson to slam him so just shush [….]

Do not say his name, while you destroy all he achieved, for your own political gain

It’s to bad that you are one of the people are promoting the REMOVAL OF Martin Luther King’s life and legacy from history class

you want you quoting Dr. King placed under that pic of the repub carrying the confed flag thru the hallways of the attacked Capitol?

or over the one where repubs beat a cop unconscious?

If only you understood and, more important, lived this quote in all its meaning and context. If only you believed in these words. Instead, using his words as you do reeks of political opportunism, just like fist-pumping at an insurrection.

And on and on…

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Clueless in Virginia.


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