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Missouri Sunshine Law

More money than sense. Or is it just cynical posturing?


Show-Me Institute @ShowMe
The taxpaying public should have an unambiguous right to see what’s being taught to their kids, how schools are performing, and how money is being spent.

7:37 AM · Nov 22, 2021

A few of the responses:

The premise of this “Bill of Rights” is built on the sense of loss of control. Your justification? “I’ve heard stories from concerned parents …” And for those “stories” you propose sweeping changes to a system that already has parental control.

I question your true motive.

How about you be open about your agenda in demanding accessed to things you already have access to? Not hearing anything from you about what motivates your orchestrated effort to undermine faith in public education.

This is 100% just another way to sow division and distrust in public schools so your wealthy donors can get another tax break for their kids’ private school. Of course those private schools cost 2-3x public schools and there’s no facts or data showing they have better outcomes.

Maybe Eric Schmitt (r) would know? Nah, that assumes a fact not in evidence.