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Rick Brattin (r) [2013 file photo].

Attempting to fail upward.

Thank you to everyone who turned out for today’s press conference announcing my candidacy for U.S. Congress in the Fourth Congressional District.
Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are trying to adopt socialist policies that would lead to the decline of America. In less than a year, they have done so much that has weakened our country, and I truly fear that if they are not stopped our children and grandchildren will not have the same freedom to pursue the American Dream that we have enjoyed.
I am running for Congress because I believe we need to elect conservatives who will stand up and put America First. We need to secure our border, hold China accountable for dishonest trade practices – including outright theft of American intellectual property – and for their cyber warfare against our nation, and stop liberals from using CRT and other ‘woke’ policies to brainwash our children into hating America. This is the greatest country in the world, and it is worth fighting like heck to save.

The heck you say.

By the way, Rick, what is CRT? Have you identified a single school district in Missouri where this CRT indoctrination is taking place?


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