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Ted Cruz @tedcruz
Satire is dead. I’m pretty sure this is verbatim MSNBC:

“The real reason we didn’t win…is bc we weren’t calling people racist hard enough,” said Joy Ann Reid. “I really think…we didn’t try hard enough to look like insane deranged lunatics. We…need to lean into that more.”
4:20 PM · Nov 7, 2021

Some of the responses:

Since Texas as done zip to shore up its cold-and-hot intolerant electrical grid, are you planning another escape this winter? [….]

Wow, all this and a cage match with Big Bird too

The senator delivers!

Kinda like how democracy is dead?

Ted don’t you have an actual job to do?

Big Bird Ted [….]

Meanwhile, you are arguing with an 8 ft bird….

Have you ever considered trying to legislate more and Tweet less…?

No, we’re good.

I heard your dad was implicated in the assassination of satire….

We see what you did there.

Big Bird owns you. Nothing else matters.

You realize that your link is to a satire site, right?

The Babylon Bee isn’t real news.

If Satire is dead you used a zodiac sign to kill it.

We see what you did there.

Pretty sure it died around the same time a US Senator picked a fight with a bird puppet.

A Fictional bird kicked your ass today.

You need a dictionary Teddy.

You got owned by a puppet fool

Ted Cruz, the super genius quoting a satire article says satire is dead. What a fucking idiot.

Interestingly, Josh Hawley (r) has ben quiet today. Heh.


Trying to out dumbass Josh Hawley (r)…and succeeding (November 6, 2021)