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On a roll today.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spend spree would leave hardworking Americans with greater debt and higher taxes.
4:10 PM · Oct 26, 2021

Some of the hilarious responses:

We just stopped spending $10M a month in Afghanistan, but GOD FORBID we invest in America or Americans, am I right? [….]

The Build Back America plan invests in US infrastructure- small towns, Education, Broadband, Lowers Drug Costs, Children- all of which 70% of Americans want. Supposedly items you said YOU want. But it’s always going to be Party over Constituents, isn’t it?

Translation: “We don’t mind ballooning the deficit as long as it helps billionaires but not ordinary Americans.”

.Are the taxes on your multiple houses going up? Oh the horrors!

Do you really expect us to believe this???? You know this is false!

No, your billionaire tax break already did that.

Rich guy doesn’t want his $1,500,000,000 unpaid for @gop tax cut taken away..

So, sorta like the tax cuts, right Senator??

Republicans cut taxes for the top 1% and added 7 trillion to the debt, Roy. That’s what you’re leaving hardworking Americans.

If you are concerned about greater debt, why did you vote for the Trump tax cuts that went overwhelmingly to the 1%.

Of course, the child tax credit doesn’t help working Americans — those in the 1%

You are what you are, sir.

They will leave the average American worker with lower taxes, and definitely LESS federal debt. All proposed programs are PAID FOR up front, not ten years after the fact.

Lying again?

Well, not completely. Americans who have incomes north of $400K/year would see a tax hike. Fewer loopholes too.

But otherwise … lies.

As opposed to the greater debt and higher taxes you have created in your decades of poor service? I just feel the energy bleed out of your poor staff as they cut and paste these from some donors email. Sorry kids. Get a better job.

See this is y’all’s trend today. Lie about spending.

Do your damn homework, Ray Ray and stop being untruthful.[….]

The Trump-Republican give-away tax cut for the rich was a cynical show of disregard for average Americans. That’s where the greater debt and need for higher taxes on the wealthy comes from: Republican bowing before their rich donors.

Billionaires aren’t hardworking Americans.

It’s time they pay their fair share.

Big Lie supporter has thoughts on economics.

If I had a million dollars for every time you posted this lie, I’d be very wealthy and I still wouldn’t have as much as you voted to give billionaires.

Not doing it will leave hardworking Americans with the consequences of catastrophic climate change.

You didn’t care about the costs when it came to shoveling money into your rich friends’ wallets. The Dems are actually trying to improve America.

How about you being a good guy?

Hasn’t ever happened, never will.

So, why have all thr recent Democratic presidents had to restore the economy after all thr Republican Presidents left it in shambles?

So easy to remember that it even fits on a bumper sticker.

Oh, the GOP talking points are bad.

Hey Roy, go tell your hardworking constituents you don’t want to help make their lives a little easier after YOU voted for TRILLIONS in tax cuts for billionaires & corporations who PAY ZERO TAXES.

Republicans LIE

You don’t give a damn about “hardworking Americans.”

Republicans reckless trickle-down theory has left hard-working Americans poorer than they were 30 years ago. You and your buddies have killed the middle-class.

“…You are what you are, sir.”


You’re a mean one, Mr. Blunt… (October 26, 2021)