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Sabino Canyon, Coronado National Forest, Arizona.

We’re just here for the ratio.

Today, from Kysten Sinema:

Kyrsten Sinema @SenatorSinema
Happy Labor Day! We’re committed to ensuring every Arizona family has a fair shot at the American Dream.
11:15 AM · Sep 6, 2021


Some of the responses:

Serious question, are you trolling your constituents with this after you voted down $15 an hour minimum wage and that you are helping to hold up voting rights legislation?

lols, sure. that’s why you voted against the $15 minimum wage.

What have you done to support working Americans?
What have you done to protect American families?
What have you done to secure voting rights and protect democracy?
Exactly what have you done for Americans? & wealthy donors don’t count.
We’ll be right here waiting for your answer

That’s why you voted no on a $15 federal minimum wage amendment in dramatic fashion.


…as long as it doesn’t involve a livable wage.

Or women’s reproductive rights

Or women’s reproductive rights

Watching you get ratioed is the best Labor Day ever.
OMG. lmao. [….]

You voted against a $15 minimum wage. So no. You’re not.

I’m sorry but no you’re not.

Really? Fact is you:
-Voted down $15/hour
-Reject investing in people
-Refuse to break the filibuster to support voting rights

You’ve done a lot of talking, ma’am. But rejected significant changes to support Arizona families and other Americans.

So the “American Dream” is to never make more than $7.25 an hour?

The American Dream would be easier to achieve with the fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage you so blithely voted against. You are a disgrace.

You cannot be “committed to ensuring every Arizona family has a fair shot at the American Dream” while allowing the filibuster to be used to obstruct a living wage. Show us some action.

You’re a horrible troll and it’s actively worse when you pay lip service to things that you deliberately stand in the way of improving despite being one of the 0.0002% of Americans who actually have the power to do something.

The filibuster is blocking access to the American Dream…unless your American Dream is a broken government that can’t even increase the minimum wage or protect the right to vote.


Because last I checked you helped block Congress from passing the first increase to the minimum wage since the George W Bush was president.

And on and on…