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Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman (r) [2019 file photo].


MaryElizabethColeman @meaccoleman
The architects of #hb126 are confident the 8th cir will uphold #MissouriStandsForTheUnborn. We commit that we will take advantage of every opportunity to ensure Missouri’s unborn receive the same protection as babies in Texas @NickBSchroer @adamSchnelting @Koenig4MO @elijahhaahr
6:55 AM · Sep 3, 2021

Some of the comments:

What is your plan for all of these unwanted babies? Does Betsy Devos need some new product to sell?

A modest proposal.

You have no concern for these “babies.” We are not fools.

What would stop you? Even when we vote on things in this state the extreme right blatantly disregards it. So what’s the point. Do whatever you want.

What are you doing for living children? I’ll wait.

Y’all are begging for backlash. Good

Aunt Lydia, will you make sure our kids are fed once they’re out of the womb? [….]

Why do you hate women and want to hurt born children?

You must take great pleasure putting your boot in the neck of young women. The Aunt Lydia of Missouri.

Don’t let anyone tell you this is about abortion! It is anti-intellectualism at its core. Terrorize and intimidate the doctors, scientists, teachers is the fascist playbook. If this were about stopping abortion, the conversation would be about birth control and sex education.

What about the born? History books won’t mention you by name because you aren’t significant, but your movement will be treated harshly. You represent everything that is wrong with our society, enjoy being lumped in with Prohibitionist and other quack groups, ya zealot.

You’re all horrible people and gigantic, embarrassing hypocrites. If you care so much about the unborn, you should try giving a shit about them after they’re born by working to prevent gun violence and poverty. How about not destroying public education?

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

You are an embarrassment and a shame to all women and all Missourians. You are one sad, sick individual if you put clumps of cells before living, breathing women and children. Reexamine your life and your choices, they are extremely bad ones.

We see what you did there.

Oh look, another white woman standing up for the patriarchy. They’ll turn on you in a heartbeat when they no longer have a use for you. Stand up for women and girls, you drunken clown. [….]

Pre 1973 2021 medical equipment.


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