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The Governor’s Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair took place this morning in Sedalia. This annual event is usually a “must attend” function for Missouri legislators, statewide office holders, and members of Congress. Usually.

There are always displays of yard signs and a gauntlet of t-shirt bedecked volunteers passing out campaign stickers at the entrance to the morning’s festivities.

It’s an opportunity for us to replenish our “b roll” of file photos of Missouri politicians with newer images. The problem is that the members of the General Assembly come by so thick and fast we can’t keep up. But we do get a few photos.

The annual Trump cult shrine.

Billy Long’s (r) campaign bus and Billy Long made an appearance.

The Missouri State Fair Queen, Rosie Lenz:

The cult of the lost cause:

Representative Rick Francis (r):

Flying above the annual Trump cult shrine:

MAGA “Bullshit” flag [top].

Representative Billy Long (r).

Representative Willard Haley (r):

Billy Long (r).

Masks anyone?

Missouri Attorney General and amateur medical expert Eric Schmitt (r).

Representative Vicky Hartzler(r):

New file photos!

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (r):

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (r):

Representative Jason Smith (r), sporting a January 6, 2021 sedition look:

In case you’re wondering – in over an hour standing at the entrance with a camera and a 400 mm lens to help me keep my distance I counted only four individuals, including me, out of the many attending who were wearing masks.

Welcome to Missouri.