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“…Let me be clear, if FRA is not extended during a special session before July 1, there will be no other opportunity…”

During the latest regular legislative session the right wingnut controlled Missouri General Assembly failed to continue the legislation enabling the previously non-controversial Federal Reimbursement Allowance [FRA] program for Missouri.

From the Missouri Hospital Association:

Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA)
Missouri’s Federal Reimbursement Allowance program directly benefits Missouri’s economic and health care infrastructure. This highly successful public/private partnership serves as a model of vision, creativity and cooperation.

In 1991, Missouri’s health care and governmental leaders were facing significant budgetary challenges. In response, the FRA program began as a voluntary program; it was expanded and enacted into law as a provider tax in 1992. Hospitals provide funds to the state, and Missouri’s Medicaid program (now called MO HealthNet) uses these funds to earn federal matching dollars.

The FRA program has evolved to maximize federal matching dollars and reduce the burden of MO HealthNet on state general revenue. The FRA is a major source of revenue to the state, surpassing all but the two largest sources of general revenue. Today, it is a major funding stream for MO HealthNet. This releases traditional general revenue to be used for other state priorities.

There is a looming deadline for legislation to implement the program before it impacts Medicaid and forces cuts in other general revenue funded areas.

But, you know, leadership in Missouri:

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Today, we are laying out the grim reality our state is facing if the Federal Reimbursement Allowances (FRA) and related programs are not extended. Thread
4:31 PM · Jun 21, 2021

Governor Mike Parson (r) continuing:

The FRA program reduces the burden of MO HealthNet expenses on the state budget and maximizes federal dollars coming to our state AND affects hundreds of thousands of Missourians.

When the General Assembly adjourned regular session back in May, they did so without passing legislation that extended this program. This must be passed as soon as possible or necessary and substantial budget restrictions will need to be made.

This is extremely unfortunate considering we are witnessing general revenue reports that are outpacing projections and an economy that is very strong.

Come July 1, if FRA is not extended, my administration will be forced to make budget restrictions across state government and the consequences would be felt by ALL Missourians.

Without the extension of the FRA and other allowances revenues that are used to balance the budget will simply not exist.

If political maneuvering over extending this program persists, the budget passed in early May will be in direct conflict with our state’s financial reality.

To be clear, this means that we would need to close a nearly $1.4 billion funding gap over the next two years.

Meaning, investments in our state through education, workforce development, and infrastructure would have to be put on hold, and that is frankly unacceptable.

Our investments focus on improving our state and preparing our future generations for tomorrow and without them our state could fall behind.

I know I am not willing to accept that, and I hope that the General Assembly is not either.

We have been transparent with legislators on what restrictions could look like and what is on the line, so it is only right that Missourians know too.

Restrictions and Vetoes will include withholds to…


Even recent legislative wins we are eager to sign, would effectively be rejected due to the pending budget gap.

My staff & I have had countless conversations with House & Senate Leadership, and they are aware of these harmful consequences if we fail to extend these programs.

For those that want to move the goal post yet again… know that YOU and YOU alone will own this and the devastating effects on Missourians and our economy if the FRA is not extended.

This is a time that demands leadership among legislators.

My office has done all we can, and we are counting on the General Assembly to deliver and protect ALL Missourians.

We will continue to work with House and Senate leadership to come to a solution by noon tomorrow.

Let me be clear, if FRA is not extended during a special session before July 1, there will be no other opportunity.

Time is of the essence. We must get this done!

Some of the responses:

Translation: I am going to cut those things anyway, I just want to place the blame somewhere else.

So pick one dude. Either you want Feds involved or you don’t. So while you all were so pressed about getting HB 85 passed this was going on? Your priorities are loud and clear.

The grim reality is you are blind to the people of Missouri. Your state has the highest number of covid cases, yet you do not address it.

That would take actual leadership.

Maybe consider a thread on Covid in MO and all the out state people who think vaccines are the work of the devil?

“The buck stops.. somewhere over there” – gov parson

Wait, let me get this right, Fed money ok,. Fed Gun laws not ok.

Maybe we should put it to a vote of the people!
Oh, right. Never mind.

Thank goodness we can fine our police for following federal laws!

There are clear priorities.

Just think about the consequences if the same thing happens to unemployment benefits.

But wait, I thought you don’t think you need the federal government’s laws or direction? Why isn’t Missouri’s budget fine without the federal funds?

“Today, I am laying out the grim reality that my decision to give massive tax breaks to deadbeat corporations will mean screwing over you and your children yet again.”

-Mike Parson

And yet, despite the vote of the people, you are unlawfully holding up Medicaid expansion.
Like most republicans, you want it both ways.

Absolutely a failure of leadership by you and a failure to govern by the the Republican Party.

This is 100% on you and your GOP buddies in legislature.

Hilarious that you tweet about maximizing ‘federal dollars coming to our state’ when 1) you did not expand Medicaid, which would have been a LOT of federal dollars and 2) you just signed a nullification law. You don’t want the federal government but you’ll sure grab their cash!

You are such a ridiculous figure, such a godawful stooge, such an incompetent boob that it’s beyond belief.

You’re a monster, you know that don’t you?

Are we supposed to feel guilty because we the people voted to expand our healthcare and you jerks didn’t do the work to make that happen?

And now you will gut everything else we actually need and actually rely on while playing victim.

The grim reality is that you & your GOP malcontents are killing this state. Literally.

That’s a lot of words for a guy who’s dumb as a bag of hammers. No way you wrote this.
Sincerely, Missouri

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2019 file photo].