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Ed Emery

It is not ambition that drives me but what I see as the clear abandonment at the federal level of Biblical principles, national heritage, common sense, and the values that have made America great. The contempt for the truth and the perversion of justice must not go on.

If, as a nation, we are to continue to enjoy the immeasurable blessings God has poured out from our country’s earlies and miraculous beginnings there must be a return to those freedoms and eternal truths that have born us this far. With that as my vision I am to declaring my intention to run for the U.S. Congress – 4th District.

With a view first toward Heaven and a heart for my country and my family, I am committing to serving Missouri’s 4th Congressional District if elected. Very soon we will provide information on how you can be involved in my campaign.[….]

Which Bible? Just asking.


HB 421: channeling the Specie Circular (February 15, 2013)

Sen. Ed Emery (r): if you want Medicaid move to another state (May 19, 2014)

SB 466: maybe if we just ignore him he’ll stop filing lunatic fringe right wingnut alternate universe successionist fantasy bills (February 24, 2017)