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To be a republican in Missouri:

Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
Socialism has been tried and failed. It does NOT work.
11:39 AM · Apr 27, 2021

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Can you even define socialism and which aspects of our government already fall under this definition?

Seems to be working for Walmart and Amazon.

I’ll let my grandma know that you’re coming for her social security

Grandma already knows.

Socialism: It seems to work pretty well for rich people in this country.

In case you haven’t noticed, Ann, unbridled capitalism has crushed the lives of the poor.

Sedition has also been tried, and it’s also failed.

You’re thinking of trickle down economics.

Your point being . . .

I’m going to assume you can’t define socialism

This tweet is absolutely meaningless.

Seriously, Wagner needs a new communications person. Her tweets are getting more and more pathetic.

There’s that.

Socialism is not one thing. It is not a monolith that needs to be demonized. You live in a society. We all do. That is what We means. And, btw, I know you know this, but we have a bunch of great socialist programs that are working just fine in this country. Disingenuous twit.

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