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Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
A democracy is a diverse group of people coming together and trying to reach the solution – it’s a give-and-take. I hope we get back to that.
12:30 PM · Mar 21, 2021

It’s one of two things. Either Roy Blunt (r) believes we’re all that stupid, or he is. It’s kind of hard to tell the difference these days.

As always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

Is this your apology for not standing up for our democracy when Trump lost?

Or for refusing to meet with Garland?

Or for jamming Barrett through?

Or for refusing to hold Trump accountable for his crimes?

Or is this just “Democrats should unilaterally surrender”?

Bro, remember when you acquitted the guy who tried to overturn an election?

It looks like ticket sales for Roy’s farewell tour are not selling well. It’s not a surprise given the material he’s been part of over the last few years.

The old tactic of revisionism isn’t working. Read the room, get off the stage!

Though true, your words ring hollow considering behavior the last several years. I hope in the time you have remaining as a Senator, you can be what all the people of Missouri need and not just representing a select few.

From Roy Blunt (r)? Not gonna happen.

What you talkin’ about, mister? “Get back to that?” The @gop has never about ‘coming together’ and ‘give-and-take’.

Uhh you didn’t seem to care about coming together when @LeaderMcConnell was ramming through Supreme Court justices

This was not the song you were singing while Trump was in the WH. Then it was ‘cram it through’ or ‘block anything proposed by Democrats.’ So soon you forget. Glad you’ll be gone in 2022.

Where were you during the last four years!?!?!? You’re one of the enablers.

Well, before then, too.

Dude. Your side did nothing but TAKE for years and years and years. Spare us the sanctimony now.

Good idea.
When will you start practicing this?

You go first. Tired of the things the GOP does and then tries to play the victim.

Arsonist laments the prevalence of fire.

Hahahahaha—-you slay me!

Your words are hollow. You’ve already sowed your legacy. You sold out your country to make a buck.

Your party’s at fault, insurrectionist.

Talk is cheap and in your case, worthless. You sold your soul to the Party and the Party is really nothing but everyone for themselves….#YouFailedMissourians #YouFailedThisCountry

You’ve got to be kidding me? Resign.

Empty words.

Do you think we are stupid? That we don’t remember the last 4 years of you doing whatever you wanted with no input from democrats? Fuck off

And what have you done to move us back towards that? The answer is nothing in case you are still searching for it. You’ve shown nothing but cowardice over the last four years and we as Missourians are lucky you’re quiting. Tool

What a hypocrisy – what group and what solution – you were ennobling this con Trump over the constitution and democracy and the country and you wanted to destroy a fair election so this con Trump can say in office and you are talking about coming together- you are evil and fake

Just leave already!


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