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Roy Blunt (r).

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

This evening:

Lindsay Wise @lindsaywise
Missouri Sen. @RoyBlunt: “I’m not a lawyer, but I didn’t see a case there that a prosecutor can make in court against the president.”
7:29 PM · Feb 10, 2021

The comments:

Two thoughts, @RoyBlunt. First, it’s an impeachment trial, not a trial in a court of law. Second, nobody can make you see what you don’t want to see — no matter how obvious the conclusion.

And with that kind of analysis Blunt is not going to be a lawyer, as he gets an F in criminal law, in tort law, in conspiracy law, in causation and on and on.

I guess being from the Show-Me state doesn’t mean one always comprehends what they are shown….

First, Blunt is wrong.
Second, Senator Blunt doesn’t seem to understand that the standard for impeachment is high crime and misdemeanor and that is different from a case one could make in a court of law. I expect nothing more from a Republican.

@RoyBlunt it isn’t a real trial. It’s a proceeding to show the president violated his oath of office and that if not for him, 7 people would still be alive and our democracy wouldn’t have been in danger.

Does that help?

Cuz if it was a real trial, it would be a death penalty capital case – this is also a trial about a cop killing.

I’m not a lawyer but I saw a compelling case. You are on the wrong side of history @RoyBlunt

I’m not a lawyer, either. But I’ve been a juror. I’d say the evidence presented so far is pretty compelling.

“How do we really know that Charlie Manson asked those kids to kill those people. I just don’t see the smoking gun.”

You mean against the guy behind the curtain surrounded by smoking guns? Beyond the spectacle of the mob behavior, the cause & effect need proving?

Not a lawyer, not a real senator, not a man…check, check, and check.

That’s maybe why he isn’t a lawyer?

Yep, you’re not a lawyer, Archie Bunker Roy

That’s why he’s not a lawyer


No, you are an eloquent coward, Senator

What a joke. Roy Blunt has 0 integrity. An actual jury would convict in about 30 minutes.

One day it is a real trial, the next day it isn’t a real trial.

This impeachment thing gets to be twisted any way these boot lickers want it to be.

Hey! @RoyBlunt

The president incited an assault on a joint session of congress to stop the certification of the election he lost. Your oath to protect the constitution from domestic enemies applies here.

Maybe if you were a lawyer, you could see a case against Ex-Pres Trump in court. But you are not, and this isn’t a case in court. You are a juror in an Impeachment trial. Stop talking and listen, really listen, and do the right thing. So help you God.

Mr. Blunt…you don’t want to see a case! You are a Trump boot licker and lack the courage to do the right thing. We see you and will vote you out in 2022.

Roy, this isn’t a court of law you waste of space and traitor.

What would it take for you to care about your oath to the Constitution, Roy Blunt? Because if these actions don’t do it, you are incapable of it and, therefore, unfit to serve. You and the whole sorry lot of your GQP colleagues are a disgrace to democracy.