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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C171173 01/26/2021 Show Me Growth PAC Alliance For Economic Progress PO Box 843052 Kansas City MO 64184 1/25/2021 $200,000.00

[emphasis added]

What’s up with that? Why now? Just asking.

Sunset Hills state rep, and possible candidate for Missouri auditor, scores big contribution from secretive nonprofit group

JEFFERSON CITY — A political action committee supporting a Sunset Hills state representative weighing a statewide campaign landed a $200,000 contribution from a secretive nonprofit on Monday.

In November, state Rep. David Gregory, a Republican, changed his committee registration to reflect that he was exploring a run for statewide office, presumably auditor, the only statewide position in Jefferson City up for grabs next year.

The Alliance for Economic Progress Inc. sent Gregory’s Show Me Growth PAC $200,000 on Monday, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission. The original source of the money was not clear. [….]

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