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January 20, 2017:

January 20, 2017 – Inauguration Day Protest – Kansas City, Missouri – Michael Bersin

On Inauguration Day close to two thousand people gathered on the grounds of the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City for a rally and march to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump. Like many of the early demonstrations opposed to the new administration this was loosely organized by word of mouth and on-line. The march started from the ground of the memorial, across Washington Square Park, and then up Main Street. There was a significant Kansas City Police presence. The sky was overcast with a light drizzle as the march proceeded across the park.

The organized Women’s March was scheduled for Washington Square Park the next day. It was when we saw the size of this demonstration that we understood that the Women’s March was going to be big.

It was a peaceful demonstration. No one (that we saw) carried a firearm. They just carried signs and banners, all homemade.