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This evening the right wingnut controlled Missouri House held a hearing on the presidential election in other states.

Their star wtness:

Right wingnut Rudy Giuliani (r) testifying remotely via ZOOM in a Missouri House hearing – December 14, 2020

Wait, what?

Kip Kendrick @Kip_Kendrick
Replying to @SarahUnsicker
I’m searching the House Rules where I guess it states that you must be an East Coast Elitist in order to testify.
6:15 PM · Dec 14, 2020

Rep. Peter Merideth @PeterforMO
Over and over again, Giuliani referring to tapes that have already been completely vetted and debunked by officials in those states on both sides of the aisle. Referring to anecdotes of fraud that have been proven made up. Lie after lie.
6:34 PM · Dec 14, 2020

Missouri House Democratic Caucus @MOLegDems
Rep. @PeterforMO to Rudy Giuliani: “I am tired of your lies.” #moleg
6:21 PM · Dec 14, 2020

In Missouri, December 14, 2020. Go figure.


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