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Representative Billy Long (r) [2013 file photo].

This morning, from Billy Long (r):

Billy Long @auctnr1
Buddy of mine went to the Hospital in Springfield with #COVID Stayed 48 hours and just got home. Sent me a picture of himself on oxygen at home with this tag line… “Sent me home. Not dead enough to vote democrat.”
8:58 AM · Dec 1, 2020

That was so hilarious.

Some of the responses:

You’re an absolute embarrassment.

Mr. Long you represent me and my family in the United States House of Representatives, this is an office of high honor, your joke is not funny.

Our friend just lost her dad to Covid last week in a Springfield hospital. How can you represent our area that is seeing such an increase in deaths and make jokes about it? Absolutely disgusting!

One of my neighbors got sick in March with COVId and still cannot work full time.

I bet you think that’s hilarious.

Evidently he does.

It is more distasteful to tweet about death or conspiracy theories? Asking for a friend who cares about moral character and ethical behavior.

3,981 Missourians have died from COVID, but you’ve got jokes.

The voice of the GOP.

I truly sincerely from the bottom of my heart hope that you have a bad day

This is fucking disgusting.

No one is surprised by the company you keep.

This is disgusting. You have no honor.

You think this is somehow funny?

Amazing joke. Now do one about someone suffering from cancer.

hey there Billy, I’m a nurse in your congressional district who is EXHAUSTED, thanks so much for your support and all your hard work on my behalf, I’m gonna go make a donation to planned parenthood in your name as a token of my appreciation

Hahaha yes it’s funny because people are dying and you aren’t doing anything about it. Go kick rocks.

people are dying. you are a horrible person

good god man, wtf is wrong with you

I’m sure all the Missourians who died from COVID-19, Republican or Democrat, will think this is hilarious. You’re the reason we can’t get a damn thing done here because you take nothing seriously.[….]

Why are you all so proud of your stupidity and cruelty?

Why aren’t you visiting him at home? You’re not afraid are you?

Unbelievable slap in the face to the 100s of people that have died in your district from C19 while simultaneously belittling the efforts of health workers exhausting themselves to care for the perpetually increasing # of patients about to overwhelm our medical centers. Disgusting

I am deeply embarrassed you are my congressional representative. You are an embarrassment to us all. 159 people are at Cox South today. Why don’t you come home and see for yourself?

Jackass. 4000 dead in MO, Springfield hospitals full and this is the best you can do? How many of your constituents are mourning the loss of loved ones? Do you care at all?

You are hilarious!!! You are also a piece of shit!!!

You sick bad?ard, you actually think that’s funny? While people die everyday? I hope you rot in hell.

Aren’t you tired of always being the stupidest person in the room?

You are such a profoundly, deeply stupid human being, but what makes you notable is your lack of empathy.

Imagine posting something like this in the midst of a pandemic that has killed 267,000 Americans. You must be a pathetic shell of a man.

Wow, that you can make this joke and laugh shows your total lack of concern for your constituents who have died or are still suffering from this disease. You are a disgrace