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I received the following text on my phone from Donald Trump’s (r) campaign [1-660-243-9318]:

I’d never thought I’d see this in America. The Democrats are STEALING THIS ELECTION in real time.
* ‘Clerical errors’ added 100K votes overnight!
* Widespread ballot harvesting in MINNESOTA,
* Poll workers bragging about throwing away Trump votes in PENNSYLVANIA,
* Democratic operatives secretly counting ballots in GEORGIA…after sending poll watchers home
Democrtas will get away with it…unless you and I lead the charge to fight back, hold them accountable, and FAIRLY WIN THIS RACE for President Trump. We are on the ground with legal resources ready to help! Will you make a donation today of $25 to help? [….]

The “properties” on this message:

Mon, Nov 9

No, I did not sign up to receive texts from Donald Trump’s (r) Brownshirts.

I immediately replied:

Fuck of[f] you Fascist pigs.

And, as you can probably tell, I rarely text.